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WebCounselingResources Welcome! This site contains two interest area: Therapeutic Materials for Children and Youth and Existential Therapy and Supervision. The resources and self-directed learning activities developed are intended therapists working with children and youth. One of my major interests is the treatment of "bothersome behavior" or Disruptive Behavior Disorders. Each of the areas has a separate purpose which is described to the right of its link. "Bothersome" behaviors are easier to treat when the inappropriate behavior occurs contextually. A corrective experience addresses the behavior directly while modeling and reinforcing appropriate social skills. The feedback provided clients help increase self-esteem functioning. Cultivating the role the therapist as "attachment figure," model, and encourager is vital. Finally, the gains in therapy are sustained when structure and support in the home mirror the therapy setting. I hope you find this site helpful, and will feel encouraged to use it and provide feedback.

Available Courses

  • The resources located here are to support therapeutic experiences for children and youth. The focus in on acquiring and using effective social skills. The activities and tools developed for this focus can be used in individual or group therapy and day treatment. The underlying assumption is that challenging and ambiguous social demands occurring at home, school, play and public places will trigger "bothersome" symptomatic behaviors. Inappropriate behavior is addressed at the time of its occurrence by direct feedback, instruction, and modeling appropriate behavior. Specific behaviorally concepts and skills oriented help clients gain mastery, increase self esteem and function more effectively in social situations.

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    This is a resource area for clinical supervision of practicing counselors and students interested in an existentially oriented approach to therapy. It contains information about existentialism and links to other web resource. This site also contains resources for supervision. If you are interested in clinical supervision for licensing or personal growth, contact me to discuss your interests and the requirements.