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"Boys, they're stacking up out there."

Welcome to our Cabin.

In the Spring of 1995, Warren called me to say he had had a dream.   In his dream Dr. Huey who owned the cabin you see above was nearing the end of his life.  Warren believed he was ready to sell the cabin.  He thought if the two of us went in together, we could probably afford it.  So, he and I set out to look at the cabin, convince our wives it would be a good thing for us to have, buy the cabin from Dr. Huey for what we could afford, renovate it and make it into a retreat that we, our family and our friends could enjoy.    We thought, it would probably take us a year or so to do the work.  It took five years, to go from before to after.

When Dr. Huey sold us the cabin, he said that it was time to sell it because "the fish were stacking up out there and somebody had to go unstack them."  We try to do our best at unstacking them and creating a comfortable place to rest while we are doing it.

The sign in the yard that we found and restored while we were cleaning up says it all.   "WELIKIT"

We hope you will enjoy your visit.

Larry Lambert
Warren Morrison